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The ICT Department Learning/Teaching approach

1.      Listening

We listen to what the children say, whether in the form of whispers or outbursts. This helps us understand them better because we get to know what is in their minds and what they yearn to know.  This generation of learners is inquisitive, sharp and fast. They grasp and get engrossed in what you are saying so long as you are talking about something they are interested in or something they have always wanted to know.

2.      Learning

We learn from them. Some children have so much information on technology yet others find it a very new thing. We encourage children to inform us and their friends on what’s on. We also encourage rest to enquire. Class discussions are part of every lesson. We share ideas and learn a lot. Peer learning is one of our best strategies.

3.      Relevance

We follow a syllabus alright, but the delivery of lessons is closely tied to what the children are learning in other subjects as well as what is happening around us. Our themes are current affair-based, hence we are up to date. When children can identify with what they are learning, they become part and parcel of it. So, integration in key in our content.

4.      Challenges

We love to compete with one another just to check our muscles out. Kids just love this. We do quizzes, drills, puzzles, debates and projects that make the learners crack their heads. Very little on pen and paper, a lot of group work too for team building.

5.��     Showing off

Children save their work in folders and have a chance to show their friends and parents when they log on. They also show case what they have learnt when they go home and they get their parents impressed. This motivates the learner to do more and learn more.

6.      Fun

After a hard 40 minutes, sometimes we allow the children to play some games online or to check their mail. This is however supervised because curious minds can stray if they go unchecked. So far, we have had very comparative classes. The play at the end of the lesson is also given as an incentive for those who are in line throughout the lesson. And who doesn’t what to be ….?

7.      Devotion

We love our students. We care for them and they reciprocate by being good. They handle the facility responsibly and we are proud of them.

8.      Infrastructure

The labs are clean, beautiful and colourful. Well ventilated and comfortably child friendly. The computers are state-of-the-art. With a minimum of 26 computers in every one of the 3 labs, the kids do not have to share unless they are working in groups. The smart boards make lesson delivery very interesting and easy to follow.


Other than the normal ICT Lesson in the week, students attend an additional lesson in the lab known as the Subject Integrated Lesson (SIL). This lesson is conducted hand in hand with the class and subject teachers. Children are allowed to use the computers for specified research as well as tasks from various subject areas in various platforms in soft form. These lessons make learning very interesting and interactive.

Our Staff


The department has 3 full-time teachers and one technician.